Friday, January 16, 2009

Eww, that is SO nouveau.... poor?

Above: Enjoy the oftentimes-hysterical-but-always-precious Paris Hilton, who appears to be wielding either a blood-spattered dagger or a fine, starched linen napkin. Depends on your point of view, it seems.

In this article, noted liberal (but NOT an economic liberal! Consult this if you are confused) Barbara Ehrenreich praises what she calls the growing power of the poor over their governments. "Thanks to the recession ...--and I knew there had to be a bright side--the ranks of the poor are swelling every day with failed business owners, office workers, salespeople and long-time homeowners. Stereotype that!"

Do any of you take issue with Ehrenreich's views or with her enthusiasm for the future? Vote now!

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Burl said...

I thought the article was more balanced that the quote that you have posted above. On one hand she is saying that as the recession deepens, more rich and middle class people fall toward the poorer spectrum of society, but on the other hand she took a swipe and these people by saying that cutting back caviar and latte's in nothing like losing an $8 and hour job. She seemed to be unsure of what the future holds, but secretly withing that if more people consider themseleves poorer, then they, as a group, will be a force to be reconed with.