Saturday, January 24, 2009

Krugman on Obama's Plan with Evil Cat

While much more flattering photos of Paul Krugman undoubtedly exist, I was thrilled to find this one of him holding a rather sinister-looking feline companion -- which kind of makes him look like the evil dude on Inspector Gadget.

Krugman is a Nobel-prize winning economist (he is a Keynesian economist) who was recently hailed as a prophet of doom for predicting the sub-prime mortgage crisis. He says here in the IHT that he did not hear what he had hoped for in Obama's Inaugural Address. Apparently Obama is all things to all people -- except Paul Krugman.

Specifically, Krugman says that resolving the economic crisis will require some serious government spending rather than the let's-all-tighten-our-belts talk that Obama put forth.

Would you rather see the government tighten its belt or shop until it drops?

Vote now!

(BTW, if you are an academic snob who is offended by my references to Wikipedia should submit a complaint here -- I can't exactly put a hyperlink to our class textbook. Plus, Wiki is easy for beginners [if you have to click on the Wiki links, then you are a beginner] to understand and most articles are just as well-referenced as any academic paper. Frankly, being anti-Wiki is just a little bourgeois -- yuck!)


Irish Gumbo said...

I was thinking more like Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers".


Burl said...

Obama has moved from te=he far left to the center and little to the right. His speech on inauguration day said something to similar to "pulling yourself up" but he left out the boot straps. Government can not spend its way out of this problem and should tighten its belts. Who would have thunk it? Socialism in reverse; ie public funds going to the big banks and corporations. I suppose neither the left nor the people will tolerate this much longer.